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Home Staging Basics and Tips on How to Sell a Home Quickly


Home staging is one of the most, if not the most powerful tool in real estate marketing today. If you’re not doing it yet, then you may be missing out on a lot of selling opportunities. This article provides the basics and some tips on home staging that help sell your home faster.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the act of preparing the home for sale before private viewing. It can be as simple as repainting and decluttering spaces or changing the carpet and decor, aiming to make the property more attractive to give a great first and lasting impression to prospective buyers. It’s also about making sure that a property for sale is welcoming and feels comfortable to be in, thus increasing your chances of making a sale.

As defines it, home staging is a “psychological and physiological strategy to turn listings into desirable properties”, saying , ” You owe it to your listing clients to help them prepare their home in the best way possible to maximize the profit on its sale.”

Tips on Home Staging

  • Offer a staging consultation. Discuss with the homeowner on how to make the property be at its best.
  • Estimate cost and expenses with the homeowner. Clarify with the homeowner how much of an investment he or she is willing to make to stage their home. Make a list, an inventory on what needs to be replaced or repaired and allocate properly before contacting a contractor.
  • A majority of home buyers tend to search online listings. So when preparing a home to be sold, it’s important to highlight its best features using high-quality photos and videos. Make buyers understand or at least have an idea on the purpose of each room through visuals and/or writeups.

Know the basics, follow these tips, and sell that home quickly!